Treasure X Monster Gold: Monster Coffin Surprise with Monster Inside (1 in 24 includes Real Gold Dipped Treasure)

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Treasure X Monster Gold has all new Monster Treasure Hunters to find and collect!

Open your coffin and sift through the Spider Web Compound to discover your Monster's body parts and Treasure. Collect all 12 Mini Monster Action Figures. Swap body parts to make new Monsters! Will you find REAL Gold Treasure?

  • Hunt for Monsters in the Spider Web Compound with Treasure X Monster Gold.
  • Discover new Mini Monster 2.25” Figure?s and Terror Treasure inside!
  • Will you find the rare REAL Gold Dipped Golden Spider??
  • 12 x Mini Monster characters to find and collect!
  • Mix and Match body parts to create new Monster Combo characters.?
  • 1 in 24 chance to find REAL Gold Dipped Treasure?