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Toofeze Teether, Coral

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Coolest baby teether ever! What makes Toofeze so Cool? Toofeze chills instantly in cold water to ease pain fast. Stainless steel disk satisfies babies' craving for cold, smooth objects. Like a teaspoon with a baby-safe handle, Toofeze is a twist on an age-old teething remedy. All-natural food-grade ingredients meet high standards of health and eco-conscious families. Its compact stationary design encourages early motor skills development without frustration. Shiny surface creates a diversion that helps babies discover & admire their own reflection. Award-winning parenting tool, Toofeze enables babies to self-satisfy & self-manage their changing teething needs. Used & endorsed by pediatricians. Toofeze is a functional & durable teething solution. Better than a silver spoon, take it to your local engraver to create a unique keepsake shower gift.