The Amazing Vanishing Tiger Magic Set (16 Tricks for Magicians)

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Your audience will be astonished: Where there was once a plain old balloon resting inside the cage, now there is a cute — or ferocious! — white plush tiger. Kids as young as six years old can amaze their audiences with this and other simple magic tricks. The tricks are explained step by step in the illustrated manual. Online videos supplement the instructions and help young magicians rehearse their magic shows. Includes special magic cage, plush white tiger, magic wand, rings, rope, and other props for a total of 16 magic tricks.

  • Make a cute, plush white tiger appear in a magic cage!
  • Introductory magic kit for ages 6 and up.
  • Illustrated manual guides young magicians through 16 tricks.
  • Online videos supplement the printed instructions.
  • The process of learning magic tricks encourages patience, skill, and dexterity, and can help boost the self-confidence of your little sorcerer's apprentice.