Shadow Lion Figurine

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  • STUNNING DETAIL. Fur that bristles with realistic texture…hauntingly translucent spines down the lion's back…can you feel the shiver coursing through you?
  • AN EXPANDING FANTASY WORLD. Part of the Eldrador® Creatures collection from Schleich, where creatures from the realms of Lava, Stone, Ice, Jungle and Shadow are locked in a mortal battle for the Super Weapon.
  • LIMITLESS STORYTELLING. What drew the Shadow World into the battle? How did it remain hidden for so long? What terrifying creatures dwell in that realm? The story goes only where your imagination takes it.
  • EXCEPTIONAL CRAFTSMANSHIP. Built to withstand Lava Monsters and Ice Dragons…not to mention backpacks, school lockers, and playgrounds.
  • MONSTER GIFTS FOR KIDS. The Shadow Lion's favorite birthday games are "Pin the Tail on the Shadow Wolf" and "Shadow Dragon Egg Toss." Makes a great gift for kids who like monsters and mythological creatures.
  • Makes the perfect gift for Schleich Eldrador enthusiasts that are  6/7 years old.