Railway Starter Set

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The railway starter set is everything you need to create your first train set and enter the BRIO world. The two-piece railway set features a classic figure 8 track layout with a mountain tunnel and bridge intersection. travel by train: the two-piece travel train features opening doors with space to fit the driver, two passengers, and additional luggage accessory. This enables detailed role-play where the child can reflect upon what they see in the real world and create interesting play scenarios based on their experiences. railway accessories: adding to the railway and role-play scenarios, This set includes an adventurous mountain tunnel and bridge with ascending wooden tracks for the train to pass over and through. You'll also find a light signal that you can switch between Green and red to tell the train when to stop and go. part of the BRIO world: The railway starter set is fully compatible with other BRIO world sets, tracks and trains. The travel train features classic BRIO magnetic couplings allowing for easy connection to each other and other vehicles. Connect the set to the 33394 Starter track pack to be able to create more layouts and get creative with your open-ended designs.