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Mini Pocket Kite: Sled Rainbow

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  • PORTABLE FUN ON THE FLY: No rigid frame and no assembly required, these reliable fliers travel anywhere you do. Compact and cute, they attach to your keyring so you are ready whenever the wind blows.
  • EASY TO GET OFF THE GROUND: Pocket Sleds easily unpack from their zipper bags and require no assembly; these frameless kites are popular for kids age 8 & up. Only a lawn or playground is needed.
  • DETAILS: Made from Ripstop Polyester. Operable in 6-24 mph winds. 17 x 13 inches, Line, handle, zipper rucksack, keyring and a 47" tail are included for maximum backyard fun.
  • LAWN, BEACH & BACKYARD FUN: Kite flying is a popular & social activity enjoyed by boys, girls, young & old alike. Help your children learn to fly, or treat yourself and feel like a kid again!
  • LET'S GO PLAY: HQ has been the premier provider of sporting, power and single line kites for over 20 years; providing the best in high quality design in the world. We make windy days fun for everyone!