Tank Twister

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Are you prepared to be the sole commander and general of this powerful tank? Odyssey Toys hopes you are. The Tank Twister is a remote-controlled monster tank that methodically plods and twists all over any surface. Move in all directions and quickly overcome any obstacles holding you back. Take it forward, back, left turn, and right turn. Its ability to take on just about anything in its way, rotate 180° and flip over and crawl on walls will keep anyone who controls it entertained for hours! You’ll be amazed at how smoothly this toy moves for being such a burly, intimidating machine.

  • Stunt Car that can rotate 180°, flip over, and crawl on walls
  • Flexible, Durable Tread
  • Super Bright LED Lights
  • Power Lifting Wheels
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Recommended Age 8+