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Liquidator Water Shooter

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Ready, set soak! The Max Liquidator Eliminator Foam Water Blaster is a compact yet extremely powerful water cannon that packs a punch. Are you ready to get soaked? With a simple pump action, the Max Liquidator Eliminator blasts water up to a whopping 30 feet. Now no one can hide from your water fury. The Max Liquidator’s small and compact size is ideal for all children whether big or small, but don’t let that fool you. Within a matter of seconds you go from laughing to drenched! Whether you’re headed to a reunion, water park, local swimming pool or just in the backyard sprinklers to cool off, the Max Liquidator is your number on water companion this summer.School’s getting out and summer is beginning, the Max Liquidator Foam Blaster is just the thing to have them playing in the water all summer long.