Lip Gloss (Multiple Styles)

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The MoodJoy Rainbow Dreams Lip Gloss isn’t just a shimmery, nourishing, cookie-flavored gloss — it was designed to make you feel good! This vibrant, sweet-tasting gloss delivers the perfect amount of shine and sparkle the moment you apply it to your lips — it may be mini, but it sure is mighty! The soft, silicone case features a small handle above the cute smiley face, making this gloss a trendy accessory that’s easy to carry around. Clip it onto a carabineer, keychain, or keep it inside any pocketbook or pencil pouch to stay glossy on-the-go — self-care made simple! No animals were harmed in making the MoodJoy Rainbow Dreams Lip Gloss — we respect our furry friends with vegan-friendly formulas and design clean beauty products free from parabens, phthalates, and harsh chemicals!