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I Spy Memory Game

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"I spy a spider, a baby in blue, memory games are fun to do!" If you and your kids enjoy the I Spy book series, then you'll want to play the I Spy Memory Game! It's like other memory games, except that there are a few twists such as differing backgrounds on matching cards, funny riddles, and fascinating details in the photo cards. The game can be played three different ways. The simplest version is the basic matching of memory card pairs. Kids as young as 4 can play, and no reading is required. Two slightly more complex games use the riddle cards. Instructions are also given for variations that involve playing the game as a cooperative team, playing riddle solitaire, and playing a matching game through associations with the objects on the cards. The I Spy Memory Game comes with 60 memory cards, 15 riddle cards, and an instruction booklet