Geomag Magicube: Savannah (Magnetic Blocks)

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  • The set contains three magnetic cubes, depicting the characters vertically From the lion to the ostrich: the kingdom of the savanna comes to life through the magnetic cubes
  • Three-dimensional constructions Thanks to magnetism, Geomag Magicube comes under the category of construction toys that enable solid three-dimensional constructions to be built by means of simple creative play
  • Development of manual skills Children are the real key players who give life to Magicube, a toy that only develops and takes shape through their imagination Using individual cubes, the toy facilitates the development of manual skills in even the youngest children
  • The cubes stick to each other on all sides The cubes can be attached to each other on any side So they can even stay suspended So the constructions will be amazing but also easy for everybody, even the youngest children, to build
  • All the sets are compatible with each other The numerous sets belonging to the Magicube platform are compatible with each other