Geomag Magicube: Insects

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  • STEM LEARNING FUN WITH TODDLER MAGNETS: Geomag world magnetic toys has turned the classic stacking cube into something “magical”. The cubes can be attached on any side, making building insects fun and easy. Magnetic blocks developed for ages 1 & 1/2 +
  • GEOMAG MAGNETIC TOYS ALWAYS STICK! These STEM learning toys for boys and girls can be attached together from every side, making building fun and easy. The magnetic cubes are the perfect building blocks for magical, imaginative and creative play time.
  • BLOCK MAGNETS FOR KIDS - LEARN WHILE PLAYING: For little hands learning to balance traditional building blocks, these magnetic building blocks are a great starter for early building skills. Discovery toys that will help hand-eye coordination.
  • BEST LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT TOYS: A great introduction to magnets and STEM concepts, with an easy magnetic stick and build system. These magnetic toys for toddlers will hold their attention while building coordination and critical thinking skills.