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Dragon Egg Surprise Bath Fizz

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Mold your own colorful egg-shaped bath fizzies! The kit includes 2 colored Fizzy Formulas to mix together or use separately! Children will enjoy making the eggs and then watching them fizz when put into water. When the dragon egg has been put into the water it will start to fizz hatching a sponge dragon that will grow! There are 2 different shaped dragons that come in 3 colors for you to watch hatch. The kit comes with everything you need to make 6 Dragon Egg Fizzies! Inside you’ll find 2 colored Fizzy Formulas, baking soda, grape fragrance, a dropper, 2 molds that will make 6 dragon eggs, a Dragon Mist spray bottle, a measuring cup, a stirrer and 6 magic grow dragon capsules. The Dragon Egg Surprise Bath Fizzies has a pre-measured, kid friendly bath fizzy formula that is gluten free, paraben-free and vegan!