Dixit Board Game

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 They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but which words will you use to describe your picture? This game is composed of a deck of 84 colorful, whimsically illustrated picture cards, a scoreboard (with quick scoring rules shown), wooden rabbit pawns, and voting tokens.

In each round, the active player (or storyteller) will look at the picture cards in his/her hand and choose one. They will then pick a word or phrase (or sound or piece of a song/poem, etc.) to describe that picture. All other players will examine the cards in their respective hands and choose one that they feel best represents that clue. They submit the cards, face down to the active player, who shuffles them and lays them out by the scoreboard. All other players secretly vote for the card that they believe belongs to the active player. Everyone reveals their votes and points are awarded. The active player role moves to the next player and play continues until a player reaches 30 points and wins. 

3-6 players, game time is approximately 30 minutes