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Chalk-o-Rama Crayons

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Chalk-O-Rama is the go-to chalk set for coloring your world.

Wow Factor: With Chalk-O-Rama Chalk Crayons, you can show off your creative expression on nearly any surface. You can write with chalk on glass, wood and a whiteboard? Yep, yep and yep.

Many Surface: Use the chalk crayons to write on glass, windows and mirrors. They’ll work on cardboard, wood, whiteboards and no doubt these chalk sticks will write on chalkboards. The all-in-one writing device that can be used almost anywhere!

Washable: Chalk-O-Ramas will wash off easily on non-porous surfaces like glass and whiteboards but are a bit more permanent on porous surfaces.

Dustless: There’s no more dusty hands with these chalk crayons either because Chalk-O-Ramas are encased in a plastic barrel! No more mess and all you need to do is twist just like lipstick and you’re on your way to colorful creativity.