Cerberus (3-Headed Dog)

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  • GUARDIAN OF THE UNDERWORLD - This three headed dog would terrify even the bravest warrior. This monstrous, black creature has terrible razor sharp teeth and its bite is poisonous and its ferocity knows no bounds.
  • EXPERIENCE THE FANTASY WORLD - Get an experience with this Cerberus mythical beast, a big black, with bulging muscles, a long tail and 3 ferocious heads waiting to attack. Despite this, a number of warriors have succeeded in getting past it or even defeating it in desperate battles.
  • DEVELOPS DEXTERITY AND SPARKS THE IMAGINATION - We encourage your kids to use their imagination to create their own magical kingdom. This Papo toy will help to develop their skills while enjoying hours of imaginative play in wondrous worlds of Fantasy.
  • PERFECT SIZE FOR PLAYING - It is perfect for education purposes, creative play, party favors and crafts. This Cerberus figure is designed for the kids, for the young curious eyes and for all young fantasy lovers.