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Aragon Dragon

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Bring fairy-tale adventures to life with our noble plush Dragon, aragon! Featuring an array of specially selected designer fabrics, This is one Dragon stuffed animal that will stand out in a Crowd. Aragon has been crafted with rich, Navy coloured plush material Featuring A textured scale pattern for realistic fun. Bright turquoise scales run along his underside and metallic gold accents detail his crest, wings, and feet. Aragon's alert upright pose and graceful curves add a touch of elegance to this handsome Dragon plush toy. Whether He plays the role of faithful guardian or worthy adversary, aragon the plush Dragon is sure to be a fun and exciting addition to any mythical quest!

the Douglas cuddle toy company is family owned and has been creating unique plush animals since 1956. Our skilled in-house design team in keene, new Hampshire knows what it takes to give stuffed toys that little spark of something extra. Here at Douglas we place High value On producing Plush animals that are not only emotionally engaging but safe as well. Our stringent safety tests ensure each and every Douglas toy to be a safe and reliable companion for all stuffed animal lovers over the age of 2 years. Treat yourself to a Douglas original today!