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Construct-A-Truck & Crane

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Construct A Truck is a brand new, award winning line featuring construction trucks that are like 2 toys in 1(friction power & building).
The Crane truck comes fully assembled and provides the kind of imaginative play that has enchanted kids for generations.

It comes with a set of plastic tools, including:
♦A plastic handle with interchangeable Phillips and flathead screwdriver extensions
♦A wrench extension
♦A one-piece wrench with an easy to grip t-handle.

The pleasure, excitement, and sense of accomplishment kids display as they take the truck entirely apart and put it back together again is gratifying for any parent to behold. Taking things apart and putting them together again is not only great fun, it's a valuable skill and an excellent learning experience for any child to have.
Every truck also runs on friction power - so rev it up and let it go - without ever having to replace batteries!
Part of a line with 4 unique styles. Also available: Excavator, Mixer and Dump!