06 Jul

Keep Calm & Get a Haircut

Many parents come to us and ask, “What can I do to get my child excited about haircuts?” We decided to put together a few tips to help ease them into the process!

  • The “Cut”– For some kids, getting a haircut is just as scary as going to the doctor! Using the word ‘cut’ can sometimes frighten little ones, so if you feel your child is responding negatively, trying saying ‘trim’ or ‘style.’
  • Play Up The Fun– There are a lot of things to do beside get a haircut at our salon! Children can watch a movie of their choice (we have a selection, or you can bring your own DVD/iPad), parents can blow bubbles, there are toys to play with and lollipops to add a sweet distraction. Some kids look forward to coming here just to watch TV!
  • If You’re Nervous, They’re Nervous– Kids pick up on the smallest things, so if you are anxious about the haircut, they’ll often take on those feelings as well.
  • Take Them With You– If you’re planning a visit to your salon or barber shop, take them with you to show them it’s no problem! Adult cuts are also available at our salon, so you can show them how it’s done (and get a lollipop). They’ll get a kick out of having the same stylist!
  • Arrive Early– This can be a double edged sword depending on who is already in the chair, but many children are comforted seeing other children getting haircuts. Arriving early also gives time for your child to get acclimated to the store (though getting them away from the train table can be a whole new issue). Alternatively, check YouTube for videos of kids getting haircuts and watch them with your tot in preparation.
  • Offer a Reward– If all else fails, offer a special treat if the haircut is completed. Many kids are happy just with the lollipop and balloon we offer for free with each cut.

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Here’s an example of a fun video to watch before a haircut. There are some tears, but everyone is smiling at the end!